Meet Billabong Pro Surfer: Laura Enever


(Laura wears – Billabong Surf Capsule (worn as jacket) Billabong Reckless Wonder Pants, Billabong T-shirt, Shoe Cult Paradox Heel)

Surfing is hard, but Laura Enever makes it look easy. We asked the Billabong pro surfer, who currently sits at number 10 on the Women’s World Champion Tour rankings, why we should be joining her out there — and why we should keep getting back on the board when times get tough.


5 Reasons to Start Surfing:

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1. The Feeling!

For me there is honestly no better feeling than riding a wave. It’s the reason everyone gets hooked on surfing! I still remember the feeling of pure stoke when I rode my first wave — from that day surfing took over my life. 

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2. The Challenge!

I started surfing when I was nine years old. I was such a little tomboy at the time, so I would surf every day before and after school with all the local boys. We would all push each other to surf better, catch bigger waves and do better turns. It wasn’t just fun it, was a challenge! You can never be too good at surfing; you’re always learning and trying to do more.

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 3. The Excitement!

Surfing isn’t like swimming in a pool or skating in a skate park. Every wave is different, the ocean is always changing and it’s uncontrollable! It adds that element of unpredictability and excitement that you don’t get in most other sports. 

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 4. The Ocean!

The ocean is the most special place in the world to me. I feel so lucky to be able to be in the ocean almost every day; it’s the most unbelievable feeling… Even just swimming under the water and listening to the sounds of the ocean blows my mind. It’s the most peaceful place on earth!  

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5. The Lifestyle!

I grew up on the beach with my family and friends, so the beach always felt like my backyard! My dad and my brother always surfed and my mum would bake on the beach with all of her girlfriends. The beach lifestyle in Australia is a pretty rad one! If it’s a sunny Sunday you’ll find most Aussies at the beach. There’s nothing as fun as a beach day and surfing is the best part of that! 

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