A New York Minute With Le Style Child

It’s easy to get lost in the mystique of a big city, especially one like New York. Upon moving here almost ten years ago, I instantly knew I was entering a world unlike any other, and looking back on it, I feel so lucky to have been able to grow up in this urban jungle. Fortunately for all of us, we live in a world where inspiration is just a click away.

You’re about to see city skylines at all points of the day. I’m taking you to my old neighborhood in Queens, which I consider the forgotten borough – trust me, it has a lot of cute hidden pockets. Then, let’s go to Astoria Park, the equivalent of a mini Central Park with a spectacular view like no other. You’ll see skyscrapers upon skyscrapers upon skyscrapers, and…my shoes…probably more than you expected! But hey, you have to get around the city somehow, right?

So without further ado, here’s the Big Apple through the Instagram lens of a true New York Nasty Gal.

Inspiration is at every corner and even in the most unexpected places, fashion is an integral part of the culture of New York City. I feel we don’t always need fashion trends to tell us what to wear, because what I’ve come to realize is that our environment makes up the whole of who we are. But even for those New Yorkers who could care less about fashion and style, one thing is for sure: creativity is infinite. There are so many directions you can choose to pursue and so much beauty almost everywhere you turn that you just have to be willing to seek it out. And with that, here are a few of my current Nasty Gal favorites inspired by my adventures in the city.