Giving Them Shade With Vintage Virgin

Now that it’s summertime, everyone’s blabbing about what they’re going to wear, whether it’s “Ugh, I need a new bag” or “OMG, look at these platforms!” But what about your face? I like to complete a look from head to toe, so when it comes to sunnies, “ordinary” just doesn’t cut it.

Take a risk this season by adding a little flair to your shades with different shapes, flowers, jewels and bright colors. Right now, I’m crushing on the Muffin Top Shades – the shape is seriously to-die-for! But could you imagine if I DIYed tiny pastel flowers across the top, or added little pearls to the corners of the Raise the Bar Shades? Every time I look at a pair of sunnies now, I just wanna do things to them! Uh oh, I feel a trip to the art supply store coming on.

Get some next-level inspiration from my faves floating around the interwebs, and feel free to try this at home on your favorite Nasty Gal sunnies!