Épique Moi

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Anthea Lau is the adorable Sydney-based blogger behind épique moi, a dizzying visual diary of her runway romps and eclectic personal style. Here, she shows us some love by putting her own kaleidoscopic twist on a few of our latest lookbook images (we’re currently on the hunt for frames BTW) and even plays dress up in head-to-toe Nasty Gal. All we can say is, the feeling’s mutual.

“To me, Summer is everything joyous, light and fun. This cute neon dress has everything I need for summer – cutouts, refreshing colour, and simplicity with an expected twist.”

nastygal3 copy

nastygal1 copy

nastygal2 copy

“I’m personally inspired by these images – they are so magical, so visually stunning. Each one of them comes with a different aesthetic, and you can see how the colours work beautifully together to create a wonderful feeling. It shows that there are truly no limits as to what you can create. Let your imaginations run wild!”

nastygal_hologram copy

nastygal_k2 copy

nastygal_colour copy

nastygal_k3 copy

nastygal_pink copy

nastygal_k4 copy


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