DylanLex’s Silver & Gold


Drew from DylanLex has a pretty insane talent for layering beautiful masses of metal jewelry, and since we’ve been into mixing silver and gold as of late, we asked her to do the same. Surprisingly, she said it was a bit of a challenge. “To be honest I dont usually mix gold and silver. I go hard with all silver!” she says. “But this was fun project! My grandmother, who I inherited my jewelry-hoarding gene from, has a ton of vintage gold pieces and she always laughs that I only wear silver. Glad you asked me to do this, because now I have an excuse to raid her closet.”

A clothing designer and self-proclaimed vintage-hoarder, Drew picks up vintage jewelry from flea markets wherever she travels. “I never realized how much I accumulated until Instagram, which totally sounds insane, but it’s true!’ she says. “So I turned it into a side job. Now I make custom vintage pieces and am working on producing a jewelry collection, called DylanLex, inspired by the vintage pieces that I layer.” The photos below show her materials, and the step-by-step layering.

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