Steaktooth At Home


Steak 9

Do people still say ‘girl crush’ anymore? Well, we don’t care, because Rachael Finley is our girl crush and we’re proud of it. She recently let us into the house that she shares with her “good dude” and showed us around and let us ask a lot of probably annoying questions about all of her really cool stuff. Don’t worry Rachael, we didn’t steal anything. Promise.

Photos by Felisha Tolentino

Steak 1

“My face is so cool in this one—haha—so Vogue. I wish I could take credit for the bulk of these shelves but sadly only some of the toys and a few books are mine. It used to kill the internet kid in me that the forever “good dude”  I live with refuses to download music and buys every CD he thinks he MIGHT be into. But now that we’re putting together a home, the collection is pretty rad. Remember in high school when the coolest kid had the biggest book of CDs? Sometimes I think he’s holding onto that a little, while the rest of us have, like, iPods and other things from this decade.”

Steak 25

“Ok, ok…let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Yes, that IS vintage cactus wallpaper. Probably our first decor-y purchase in the house and still one of my favorites. Other things we can talk about if you want: They say those lip tattoos come off in six months but that baby is eight years old and hasn’t budged. It says “SIQ” because… teenager?  The grill on the other hand is a completely adult thing to own.”

Steak 14

I like reptiles and I like bats. The first two hanging bats came from my favorite comic/art store in Austin that has since shut its doors. I’ve been v-e-r-y slowly adding them because it turns out that as far as wooden bats go, there isn’t nearly as much supply as there is my demand.  That overhanging wall sucks. It’s JUST at 6-ft off the ground, so most dudes and me in heels end up smacking their heads on it. That’s why I started putting the bats there. I think for everyone the bats mean the same thing—”DUCK!”

Steak 11

“Oh! I’m so stoked ‘Homies’ is getting some love. I bought that thing for 99 cents when I got my first apartment here five years ago, and it went immediately into a box. Homer, unfortunately, is getting zero love, in fact, he is being disemboweled which is probably the exact opposite of “love.”  When two nerds hang out with a bunch of freaks who make art, this is what your house looks like. Art by art freak Johnny Ryan.”

Steak 10

“Just a super casual way to lay on a red leather sofa.”

Steak 16

Steak 8

“This is our weird stuff from Mexico. The grand total of everything on this couch (besides me—priceless) is about $40 USD. Jesus Malverde is kind of our house mascot.  The woman we bought him from was a little batty and because of language barriers we weren’t sure what kind of voodoo we might be buying into. But he has peace leaves all over him so it couldn’t be bad? If you have some time I suggest wasting a few minutes Googling him.”

Steak 22

“America is fucking great and it’s an incredible feeling being reminded of that glory during bedroom experiences—like, while dreaming and all nighters catching up with shit on the DVR.”

Steak 4

“That’s Smog. I hang out with her the most out of anyone. She’s such a diva.. that’s actually my bad side but she demanded to be photograph at that angle. Whatever.”

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