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It’s Monday morning, a private time carved out and set aside by the gods for one to catch up on all the internet happenings of the weekend. A time to celebrate.. or maybe thats just me.

Today, while meandering through my RSS feed and twitter and email and and and and and scroll scroll scroll screech pause. Whaaaaat is this?! Twitter drama? Internet gold. Today Rules. Look at all these replies.


o m g. yessssss.

Normally this type of stuff really does it for me. I dont know why but I just love seeing this kind of stuff play out online even when I have absolutely zero attachment to the people involved. There’s just something about it.

But this one was a little different. Not because it lacked any of the stuff I usually look for internet fights but because it was directly followed by an article that got retweeted into my timeline: Reclaiming/Renouncing The Word Slut

Well fuck. Now I have to use my brain and that is exactly the opposite of what Monday mornings are for.

For the sake of these 2 tweets being cosmically aligned and for this blog post, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I freaking LOVE floozies. Comfortable in their own skin, sexually grounded and charged, boss ladies? yes. In my girl’s night out crew, there’s a best friend who kisses and tells, 3 big-titted-tight-shirted girls suffering from internet fame, a burlesque dancer and a porn star who I text from time to time. They’re the best.

Also, again for the sake of this argument I will say that they have been slapped with words like slut, or, or.. you get it… probably once or twice more than the average girl walking down the street.
So if these girls, as far as the average population assumes, are “sluts”.. why are y’all not singing their praises.. because, I think, sluts might rule? I dunno, Im probably biased considering the girls ‘Ive laid out as an examples happen to be some of my best friends.. but whatever.. do you feel me here? Being a sexual being is not shameful.


So now I’m thinking about my stance on reclaiming or renouncing the word, and I’m also still pissed that I can see myself getting hung up on this and I’m not back up at the top status just LOLing at that.. I’m down here in this soul quest of a tweet…. and now I’m blogging.

It kind of feels like I should be all for reclaiming it? But maybe that’s because I have never been offended by words, so maybe I’m being insensitive?? I mean, even the average teenage boy knows that this word can draw tears before it even leaves the ridge of his lips. So what about those girls? The ones who have been rocked to the core by this stuff, they should have the right to bury it.

And when you think about it like that, hell ya to burying it and anything else adopted along the path of social growth intended to diminish somone’s self-worth.


I guess the only way to really cut to the chase here is to try and figure out when I personally used the word to the full extent of it’s negativity.

Oh yea, thats right. I threw this word around a little when I close friend of mine slept with my ex. I really threw it hard. But thinking back on it all, that girl wasn’t a slut? She was quite sexually stifled. She actually wasn’t much of anything at all.. other than a bad friend. A really, really bad friend.


90% of the time that word is thrown around, it’s done incorrectly.

That girl’s short shorts are a 0% telltale sign whether or not she will go home alone tonight, or every night, or no nights at all.

That girl didn’t sleep with your boyfriend because she’s a slut. That happened because they both have questionable morals when it comes to respect and probably a few other things.

SLUT WAS A WORD THROWN AROUND A LOT IN HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE, AND IT SEEMED TO BE USED TO LABEL GIRLS WHO WERE JUST DRAMATIC AND ANNOYING, NOT NECESSARILY HOOKING UP WITH ANY MORE DUDES THAN ANYBODY ELSE. Their fault was being headache inducers. As you grow, these girls don’t go away or change. Once you’re in your mid-20s, you’ll realize that no matter how fast you get there, your belt notches all kind of even out…and those drama-causing girls from high school are just being annoying about something else now.

I havent really made a direct point here and I know that. Im stuck. Am I Fem-stale? I hope the fuck not. I’m still deciding what side of the fence I’m going to fly my flag. In the meantime, help me think about this while I go back and monitor that Twitter drama.. it’s getting cool over there.

Slutever Forever?

I hope you’re not reading this on a Monday because here are two other articles (here and here) about the reclaim vs. renounce issue that will make the gears in your head turn at least once- but hey.. that’s probably a good thing.