Enter the Napkin Apocalypse

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If you’re not already following Napkin Apocalypse on Instagram, your feed is majorly lacking. In Courtney Jaedke’s universe, animals are deemed superior, irony is never far away, and a little dose of humor is injected into just about everything. Today, we are all invited into Courtney’s Napkin Apocalypse (her bad-ass Instagram name). In this journey, we get to peek into her studio and meet her celeb-worthy dogs, all the while talking anthropomorphism, grocery store style inspiration, and being a pro surfer’s girlfriend.


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Hi Courtney! Where do you live now and where are you from?

Carpinteria, CA. Originally from Ventura, CA

What do you do? I know you have a really cool life, give us a snapshot!

 I sew. I have an Etsy shop that I’m pretty consumed with. I take photos of animals. My boyfriend surfs professionally so I end up traveling with him about half the year.

Where did you first get the idea to take pictures of your dogs?

I’m an anthropomorphist, which means you attribute human characteristics or behavior to inanimate objects or animals. I basically photograph them as the people I see them to be.

When you were a kid, what was your dream job? What is your dream job now?

I always wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I went to exotic animal training college and ended up working at Sea World training dolphins for a little. My dream job now, I’d say, would be working with animals. Specifically sea lions, miniature horses or birds of prey. Or getting paid to make crafts.

Do you have any other unconventional hobbies?

I’m a falconer. It’s pretty rewarding to have a working relationship with a bird. I take them out hunting and they have just as much say in what we do. For example, if I’m ready to go home and the hawk is enjoying sitting on a light pole, I have to sit and wait until they’re ready to leave with me. I also do taxidermy.

Your Instagram name is qwerteni. Elaborate!

My real name is spelled Courtney, but i change the spelling depending on what I feel like writing in that moment.

Have clothes always been an interest of yours?

No. I was never too focused on fashion. I only started getting into clothes once I learned to sew. The possibilities felt endless once I was in control of it.

(Peep her middle-school style!)

napkin as kid

How would you describe your current style?

I’d say it goes between girly, kawaii and masculine. I can look drastically different from day to day depending on who I feel like when I wake up that morning. Or I’d say it’s best described by the song by Kim Waters, “Got to Give it Up”.

Do you have any style icons?

No. I get pumped on details in just about everyone’s style. I’ll be in line at the grocery store and see a middle aged woman with a beaded sunglass cord around her neck and it makes me think ‘I really need to get a beaded sunglass cord’.