Natural Makeup: A How-To



You’re relaxing on the couch, cuddled up watching some whatever TV show, and out of nowhere your dude blurts out, “I hate girls who wear makeup.”

Waiittt for itttt…. nope! No explanation. Just back to watching TV. COOL! WTF does that mean?

The rest of the week carries on, and you do your best to brush your hair, lotion up, and leave your mascara tucked away. You don’t hear a peep from him about your looks. Cool? You’re doing good. You’ve embraced this makeup-less freedom, and it makes your mornings really easy. Plus, aside from the 10 people asking if you were sick or tired, this whole thing is starting to feel kind of good.

Then, Friday rolls around, and you’ve got plans to meet up and go out. Of course you dip back into your makeup bag, slap on a little cat eye, and run out the door. What’s the first thing you’re greeted with? “Babe! You look great!”

Commence thought process that looks like this: “…………………………………………………..”

If you have been blindsided by this, then you have two choices.

Choice one:




Choice two:


Behold the power of natural makeup!

Here’s the five minute how-to guide for looking like you effortlessly woke yourself from the dead:

1. Apply moisturizing tint foundation all over your face.
2. Apply eyeliner just on the outer corner of your lower lash line to open up your eyes.
3. Curl your lashes.
4. Apply a coat of mascara.
5. Brush some bronzer on your cheeks for a touch of color.
6. Apply a lip gloss or tinted lip balm.

(Makeup by @alanadawn)