Kate’s Back!


Besides being one of our original muses (and one of the most beautiful girls we’ve ever seen up-close), Kate Harrison is cool as hell. We welcomed the NYC-based Nasty Gal back to the West Coast this week, where everyone in the studio was beyond stoked to work with one of their favorite humans and share crazy stories from the past year. We finally caught up with her to reminisce on favorite moments and talk festival hopping, beauty secrets and everything in between.

Kate! We’re so stoked to have you back in the studio. What’ve you been up to?!

Work! Work! Work! (and a little play)

Is there a best coast?

The best coast is the WEST coast. HANDS DOWN.

Are there any favorite spots you’ll be hitting up while you’re out here?

Cafe Gratitude! My vegan-ness is excited…

What do you miss most about living in LA?

My family is here! I miss them all, every day.

What’s the coolest thing that happened to you over the past year?

Too many shenanigans to choose one!

You are definitely one of the OG NGs. Is there a favorite memory with the team?

The Nasty Gal party at the Roosevelt last year! I just posted a throwback of it on my Instagram (@katelapriel). That party was filled with so many lovely, stylish Nasty Gals.

What do you like most about working with the weirdos here?

The unedited conversation, the amazingly inappropriate jokes, the hilarious stories, their ridiculous senses of humor, the awesome personal styles…the list just goes on!

Is there anything on the site or in the studio you’re eyeing right now?

There’s a black mesh sports jersey that is Reformation x Nasty Gal..it’s SO good.
*It’ll be available later this week!

Any current or eternal style crushes?

Mmm…Alison Mosshart

How would you say your style has evolved from globetrotting for shoots?

I wear a lot more black.

What band are you playing on repeat right now?

Hmm…the Shovels & Rope is currently on repeat right now. I love them.

Are you headed to any festivals this season?

Yes, of course! I just went to Heartbreaker Banquet, SXSW, and I’m headed to Coachella in two weeks!

Any must-haves in your bag for a weekend road trip?

My iPad, Beats by Dre, Paw Paw lip balm and my Buddhism books

You look amazing, as per usual. What’s your secret weapon?

La Mer face cream, carrot juice, and Yerba Mate tea!

What’s your dream summer vacation spot?


What’s in the works for 2013? Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

look out, Europe…here I come!

Words to live by?

You’re only young once…

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