Cheap Thrills


Meet the cute dudes behind Cheap Monday‘s downtown LA showroom, Richard and Aaron. The dream team (and real life BFFs) not only keep us stocked with their signature skinny jeans, logo tanks and holographic goodness, but it turns out they’re pretty cool to hang out with too. Today, they gave us a sneak peek of their base camp and (ahem, since we weren’t exactly in a hurry to leave) we snuck in a little Q&A action too.












Surf, skate or spectate? 

Surf and snowboard. It’s more fun to fall into water and powder than concrete.

What makes Cheap Monday stand out from the pack?

We’re a Swedish brand so there’s always a fashion forward spin, something a little different than what you’re seeing everywhere else. Our stuff can be super casual or it can be dressed up, it’s all in how you wear it.

Are there any favorite pieces in your collection right now (for the ladies, of course)? 

Every girl needs to have at least one pair of high waisted jeans and the Second Skins are perfect. Also any of the sunglasses. They’re cool and you can still afford to lose them at the beach every once and a while and get a new pair.

Any cool clients you’ve dressed recently?

Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Morgan from M83 and our buddies from RAC – those guys are awesome and they wear Cheap Monday seriously every day.

Where are your favorite spots to hang out downtown? 

Lunch and dinner at Baco Mercat is at the top of our list. A good drink at The Varnish after work is always nice. Bar 107 and the lobby at the Hotel Cecil if we feel like keepin’ it classy. And we get coffee everyday from Market, which isn’t too shabby.

We could never part with our Second Skins. If you could have a pair of jeans named after you, what would you call them?

Richard’s would be called the ‘Log Legs’. We tease him about it, but his legs are no joke.

Any hidden talents? 

Richard is a pianist and also dabbles on the recorder. I (Aaron) sketch quite a bit and also play the drums.