American Heroes


Ahhhmerica—land of the free, home of the babes. Everyone knows that guys look better in black and white. Maybe no one knows that, but it’s true. In honor of this week’s celebration of all things Americana, we put together a little list of iconic hunks from the good ol’ days because there’s nothing better than nostalgia mixed with hotness. You’re welcome.

James Dean: Let’s start off by saying that if you don’t love him, you probably need to get your eyes/brain/existence checked. He’s James Franco with bushier eyebrows and some sexual orientation ambiguity that we just love.  A cultural icon of teenage disillusionment, James Dean is probably the truest Nasty Gal in male form.


Robert Redford: Is it hot in here or is it just above photo of Robert Redford? To be honest, it is hot in here. But it’s also above photo of Robert Redford. We’ll call it a wash.


Matt Dillon: He was the hot young thing in “The Outsiders” that made being an outcast look pretty cool.


Marlon Brando: Brando used the Oscar that he won for the film On the Waterfront as a doorstop. Need we go on?


Steve McQueen: Steve McQueen is the King of Cool. I mean, the guy threw up a peace sign in his mug shot in Anchorage, Alaska. Who knew people even got arrested in Alaska?


Patrick Swayze: I’m pretty sure everyone would pay good money to be lifted in the middle of a lake by Swayze. It’s kind of a recurring dream we all have.


Paul Newman: He’s in a damn Marine uniform. We’re not sure if we should salute him or kiss him. Or both.

Gene Kelly 33

Gene Kelly: He sang, he danced, he acted. If you can find a guy who gets this excited about precipitation, keep him.