Space Age Desert Eyes

If there’s one thing we love here at Nasty Gal, it’s an excuse to cover our face in glitter. A trip to the grocery store? Sure. An oil change? Totally. A day at in the sun at a summer festival? Well, this one’s a no-brainer.

So, to kick off our season in the sonic fields, we’ve concocted one hell of an eye look. We’re not talking glitter eyeliner or some shadow with sheen, but honest to dog glitter glued to your eyelids. Don’t be shy—we certainly never are!

Our out-of-this-world video directors at Knockout Pictures broke it all down into easy-peasy steps, but our in-house makeup master Stacey Nishimoto’s got more than a little advice on how to really master this look. Below, the exclusive unabridged version, straight from the source!

The Face

1. Start with clean, fresh skin. To achieve the “clean” look start with gently exfoliating your skin, rinse, and towel dry leaving your skin partially damp then apply moisturizer.With a damp foundation sponge dab foundation over dewy skin and blend towards your neckline. Treat foundation as a sheer veil of second skin. Then with a concealer go over anything that needs correction such as blemishes or uneven skin tone.

2. Finish by dusting skin with loose powder. Face the mirror; break into a gentle smile as if your smiling at the babe barista you see every morning. Apply a healthy pink-colored blush right smack on those seducing, smiling cheeks. For the lips, a rose-colored lip balm is all you need. Your aim for this look is to slay boys with your glowing glance and to make girls wish they had your sparkle. Leave the rest of your face soft and natural to showcase your diamonds.

The Eyes

1. Groom the brows with a touch of brow powder.

2. Draw a thin black cat eye (the signature Nasty Gal look) as your guide. It will be like a coloring book—color within the lines!  Coat lashes with mascara; don’t leave them cold.

3. Finally, with an eye shadow brush, brush a thin coat of glitter gel for the face over the lid, evenly. Keep your swipe of gel under the brow bone unless you want glitter up to your brows—YIKES!

4. Dip a clean eye shadow brush into glitter picking up as much as it can hold and roll the glitter with the brush over gelled lid. Flakes of glitter that do not adhere will fall on your face. Simply whisk those away with a large powder brush.  Keep rollin’ on the glitter until your lid looks like it has scales like silvery koi fish. Lastly, take an orange stick and chisel and shape your eyes by flicking off glitter with the tip.

The glitter eye is extremely easy to do, it’s like 1st grade art hour. Yet you end up looking you just stepped off the Chanel runway or a desert David Bowie.

Tip: Use large glitter paillettes. They’re easier to control and have more a spacier look than Kindergarten glitter.