Lessons from the Pros: Disco Lids

Glamorous Jessie Faux Fur Jacket // Let the Bead Drop Scarf

Hey pretty young things! This party season we’re goin’ pro disco–from sequins to faux furs, it’s all about the glam. To get your glitter lookin’ killer, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to dustin’ those disco lids, a la Nasty Gal’s in-house eye-candy buffs. See ya on the dance floor…


Step 1: Apply your foundation and give yourself a nice even base to start with.

Step 2:  Using a fine-tipped brush so you have lots of control, apply a metallic cream eyeshadow. Follow the crease of the eye, and extend the shape out into the corner in a soft angle.

Step 3: Outline your shape in a creamy eyeliner.

Step 4: Fill it in with a glitter shadow—make sure you stay in the lines!

Step 5: Using an angled brush dipped in make-up remover, go back and clean up the shape.

Step 6: From here, add another color in the corner for a two-tone effect, dust under the eye, or leave as-is. It’s your party and you can paint your face how ya want to.

Oh My Love All Shook Up Maxi Dress


Nasty Gal Disco Metallic Platform

Lidderally insane.


Wham, glam, thank you ma’am.

Disc Jockey Chain Earrings

Photo: Felisha Tolentino
Model: Valentina
Hair: Rachel Brady
Make-up: Hinako
Stylist: Nicholas Rivera

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