Inside the Collab: Sophia on Kinderwhores, Cakes & Coffee

Courtney or Sophia—guess who’s the bigger diva?

Some things just make sense together: pizza and juice cleanses, all-denim lewks, hangovers and Clueless—you get it. So when we got together with Courtney Love, we knew we were a match made in renegade fashion heaven. Our first celeb collaboration with the one and only icon herself is like a ‘90s dream with the babydoll silhouettes, slip dresses, and kinderwhore-inspired colors to prove it. To give you the insider scoop on all things Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal, we sat down with Sophia and our Intimates & Swim Designer, Sarah Godshaw to get the lowdown on our exclusive collection.



What was the initial inspo behind the collab?

Sarah Godshaw: It was all based around sleepwear and lingerie—basically, things that would technically be lingerie years ago, but now you’d wear as a dress. It’s this new way to wear the ‘90s grunge look, much more romantic and girly. We wanted bold, in-your-face clothing that still remained soft and pretty.

Sophia Amoruso: We researched concert photos, red carpet pics, and inspo images to compile a huge assortment of inspiration to represent the collection. As we started to narrow down the images, we realized how perfect the ‘90s Courtney Love look would be for us.

“We wanted bold, in-your-face clothing that still remained soft and pretty.”


This is Nasty Gal’s first celebrity collaboration. Why Courtney?

Sophia: I have always loved Courtney and loved Hole. There are few women in music history who have been more outspoken, more iconic, or more stylish. Courtney’s spirit is so “fuck you” in the best way and those are the women I love most in the world.

Sarah: She’s gloriously grungy in this ’90s way that just doesn’t exist anymore. To do a project with Courtney is so solid, so iconic, and SO badass.

Sophia: I loved that [the collaboration] was unexpected, but still quirky and fun. That’s what made it really Nasty Gal.


You went to her house to source vintage inspiration. What’s it like IRL?

Sarah: Courtney opened the door barefoot, made us coffee, and was totally welcoming. There was tons of art on the walls and a lot of it was kinderwhore, romanticized, and Victorian—you know these adorable little girls with huge eyes in these amazing childish dressings.

Tell us about THE closet.

Sophia: Seeing Courtney’s most nostalgic pieces and being able to casually thumb through them over coffee in her bedroom was so surreal. Everything in her closet was amazing—it wasn’t intimidating, it was beautiful and eclectic.

Sarah: It was totally not a Mariah Carey closet—THANK GOD. It was a room full of racks and eclectic hangers with tons of vintage inspiration that we eventually based the collection on.

“Courtney’s spirit is so ‘fuck you’ in the best way and those are the women I love most in the world.”

You have to tell us, was Courtney hands on with the collection? 

Sarah: Courtney loved the idea of a fishnet or lace catsuit and wanted lots of three-dimensional, romantic embellishments. She started doodling on the initial sketches and that’s where both of those signature ideas were born.

What were your favorite parts of the collection?

Sophia: Well, since I’m wearing the black maxi dress now, probably that. Also the blue slip dress—I want to wear it with the kimono!

What surprised you the most about Courtney?

Sophia: That I was a bigger diva.