Anti-Prom, Pro-Party

Our latest models and muses Diana Veras and Paige Elkington don’t go to the party–they are the party.

Nasty Gal I’ll Take That Net Ruffle Dress // Dyspnea Fairytulle Patch Skirt // Dyspnea Fluff and Leave You Bra Top

Say hello to Diana Veras and Paige Elkington, serious dancing queens and our current girl crushes. Diana is a NYC-based model breaking industry standards; Paige is an actor and political activist uprooting the system from L.A. And they’re both fire on the dance floor. Since spring is party kick-off season, we’re honoring your insane Google cal with pro tips from two heartthrobs whose idea of a good time is never selling out on who you are.

Glam to the Bone Sequin Skirt // Nasty Gal Heart of Stone Beaded Bra Top

“The hottest girl in the room is the one who’s comfortable in her own skin.”
-Diana Veras

“Party hack: Good people equals good conversation. Also, snacks.”
-Paige Elkington

Nasty Gal Tier It Up Asymmetric Dress // Converse All Star High-Top Sneaker – White Leather

“Have fun, dance, and smile. Because your gapped teeth are okay, your gut is cute, and your acne is beautiful.”
-Diana Veras

Rare London Power Tulle Plunging Mini Dress // Nasty Gal Tulle for the Summer Tutu Skirt

“I loved prom. I wore this red chiffon gown with a crazy high slit. I swear to god I thought I was going to the Grammys.”
-Diana Veras

Dyspnea Gold Digger Pom Pom Slip Dress – Pink

“TBH I don’t remember much about prom. I vaguely remember drinking too much whiskey in a cabin in the woods of Tennessee.”
-Paige Elkington

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