Lessons From the Pros: Winged Eyeliner

So many holiday parties, so many reasons to get your eye game at Twiggy level. Whether you’re workin’ extensions or going natural, the lash pros show us how to become masters of our own winged eye universe.

Eyeliner perfection can be the struggle to end all struggles–throw in extensions, and half the time you’re lucky if you hit the lid at all. That’s why we called our friend Amanda Robinson, founder of lash pro crew Iris + West. She’s graced babes like Adrienne Bailon, Bella Thorne, and G. Hannelius with her lash expertise, and now she’s here to show us how it’s done.

1. Choose your favorite eyeliner profile and lightly sketch in the shape you want your liner to be. No need to worry about a perfect top line yet.

2. Wiggle the tip of  your eyeliner into your lash line, and in between your eyelash extensions if you have them. (Note: It’s tricky to get the liner all the way down through your lash line with extensions because they aren’t as flexible as natural lashes, but after taking the time to fill in between your lashes your liner will be solid and black without any empty spaces.)

3. Refine the top line on your lid.

4. If you have extensions, dampen a clean spoolie with water or oil free makeup remover. If you don’t, just leave it dry.

5. Gently comb through your extensions with the damp spoolie to remove any liner that may have gotten on the tips. Use this same technique for natural lashes, but with a dry spoolie. (Note: For natural lashes, this is also an awesome way to comb out mascara clumps.)

6. Voila!

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