Winter Coats > Whatcha Got On Underneath

Because sometimes covering up your look is the best part of your look.

Coats aren’t just about preventing hypothermia–they’re about having a real moment. So if you gotta cover up, you wanna do it right. Here’s a thorough exploration of all the outerwear staples that make that temp drop totally worth it:


As we learned from The Queen of Soul herself, faux furs are about asserting alpha-female status. Perfect when teamed up with sequins, spotlights, and giving no fucks. We recommend rounding out the look with furry shoes. Because thematic outfit.


Seattle was the last place anyone thought fashion would call home, but after Nirvana, Hole, and Soundgarden, came the grunge-centric Marc Jacobs show that taught everyone the true value of the cardigan–that magical part sweater/part coat hybrid that is crucial to the #1 winter survival technique–layering. For extra style vibes (and heat vibes), throw in a beanie and a killer pair of boots.


Joan Jett: teaching us how to work a trench since 1984. When she came out with “Do You Wanna Touch Me,” it wasn’t only a lesson in the art of the TKO, it was also about being a hard ass while looking srsly fly. Personally, we love a good skivvies/trench pairing (classic), but when it’s time to transition to more of a got-my-shit-together vibe á la Catherine Deneuve, just throw on tights, flats, and a French accent, et voilá–instant 180.


As every photo ever taken of Joey Ramone reminds us, the moto isn’t just the epitome of punk and rock ‘n roll, it’s also a closet staple for badasses everywhere. Plus it makes literally every outfit instantly cooler (er, warmer). Throw it on with a scarf and skinnies, or layer it over a super warm flannel. Or both. Because wind chill factor.

Need more warm shit? We can (kinda) help with that.