5 V-Day Date Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

What do Ferris Bueller and Beyoncé have in common? They know how to have a good time.

Valentine’s Day’s creepin’ up, and since clichés are lame, we thought we’d throw out a little date idea inspiration. So ditch the roses and chocolate–whatever your relationship status, we got you covered on where to go and what to have in your artillery to really pull it off.


Post-holidays budgeting got you on a spending cleanse? Dont’ stress. Just break into a hotel pool and beeline for the jacuzzi. It’s hot in that low-key Bonnie and Clyde outlaw kind of way, plus you get to see bae half naked for, like, a solid hour before the night even begins. (#romance) You’ll need a killer swimsuit, an easy romper or jumpsuit (in the event a quick getaway is necessary), and shades, to complete the incognito vibes.


So you’ve been with your boo for a while and want to spice things up? We gotchu. Leave a series of clues around the city (or the block–you could even keep it indoors if your place is big enough) that lead back to you (sprawled out on a bed is never a bad look). When you’re eventually found, assume a different identity wearing nothing but lingerie under a trench (feel free to take some potential-psycho cues from Corinne, our favorite Bachelor villain–when executed correctly, that evil eye is supes sexy).


If going out on V-Day sounds like a nightmare, plan for a steamy night in. All you need is some good old-fashioned erotica (illustrated versions, obvs) and a few candles to set the mood. Take turns reading each other naughty bedtime stories till it’s time to star in your own sexy adventure. To really bring your A-game, gear up with a bondage getup. You know, just for kinks.


Is it time to take things to the next level with bae? Is it time to create newfound trust, intimacy, and connection? We hear you, and we have just the thing. Nothing says: “I give myself over to the process of vulnerability” like hitting all the wrong notes and making up an awkward, on-the-fly dance during the guitar solo of your favorite ’90s jam. To fully embrace the couples bonding exercise that is rock ‘n roll karaoke, make like Courtney Love, our go-to karaoke goddess (may we suggest “Malibu”? Always a crowd pleaser), and throw on a satin gown, strappy heels, and eye-catching tiara. If all else fails, you’ll be looking hot as hell, and that’s, like, the number one way to create intimacy anyway, right?


Not tryin’ to fuck with Valentine’s Day? No problem. Hit up your bestie and feed each other burgers in a bouncy house some really strong looks. Done and done.