Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(damentals)

We’re swiping 5 iconic essentials from 5 iconic babes. Because you need to get that 2017 wardrobe situation sorted.

Hello, Moto

Nasty Gal Collection Bull in the Heather Moto jacket

This is literally the only piece of clothing necessary to complete that tough-girl-now-lets-fucking-rally transformation. See most significantly: Sandy in Grease. Also: every woman fronting a rock band, ever. Sometimes though, even the necessities need an update, which is why we’re suddenly feeling these leopard print and mustard-yellow iterations. And if all else fails: just tell ’em about it, stud.

Shit Kicking Boots

Crosswalk Pico Ankle Boot

 To paraphrase Nancy Sinatra, the official patron saint of boots and the correct way to use ’em: These are gonna walk all over you. Absolutely nothing will make you feel more like a ruthless Tarantino heroine stomping across the patriarchy, even tho you’re just getting some late night Domino’s. Actually concerned about that walking part? Let us hook you up with these.

The Rock Tee

Nirvana Relaxed Graphic Tee

Make like this pic of Joan Jett and consider the vintage graphic Tee a canvas. Add a big belt. Layer on a few chokers. Throw in a harness. Forget whoever said “less is more.” They were probably super boring anyway.

Skinny Jeans. Because Kate Moss.

Levi’s 721 Jeans

It’s time for a quick lesson in fashion history: Kate Moss is the reason you own skinny jeans in the first place, and also the reason you never stopped wearing them. She’s been pouring herself into ’em since the ’90s and shows no signs of stopping. Take the hint.

A Bag that Holds Everything

Guys, it’s ok to stuff your bag with gym clothes/emergency chocolate/Domino’s coupons/extra avocados/comfortable sandals to walk home in/your lipstick/the lipstick you forgot you had/approximately every flavor of Balm Dotcom and those really nice matches you stole from a restaurant bathroom. You have permission. Just get a good-looking bag to haul it in.