Lessons From the Pros: Lingerie All Day

TFW your skivvies are too good to wear under your clothes. Our assistant stylist shows us how.

Whoever made the rule that lingerie couldn’t leave the bedroom was clearly not living their best life. So in honor of Valentine’s Day and all the v cute lingerie you’ve amassed over the years, here are a couple ways to incorporate all those underthings into your look, courtesy of our very own style genius, Keely Murphy.

Fraulein Kink Caviar Bondage Lasso // Fraulein Kink Josephine Fringe Skirt

“This rope harness is one of my favorite things. It’s by far the most versatile item in the Fraulein Kink collection.
It can be tied so many ways that it’s like buying 100 harnesses in one. Either under or over the look, this lasso rope is the best!”

Tori Satin Bralette // Fraulein Kink Caviar Leather Lead

“This look brings up all the important life questions, like: What is a leash if not a statement necklace?
Also, why wear a crop top when you can just wear a bra? Deep thoughts with Keely…”

Chantelle Thigh-High Socks // Heart coat coming soon to the site!

“This one is also so simple. Skip tights and go for thigh high stockings–and if you’re cRaZy like me, mismatch them!
Intentional morning after looks are always a good idea.”

Ball of Fire Lace Lingerie Set // Nasty Gal Collection Ensemble Oversized Blazer

“This one is so easy! It’s unfortunate that our favorite bras have been quarantined to live under our clothes… but they don’t have too, ladies.
Bralette or push up, T-shirt or mini dress, throw the bra on last.”

Fraulein Kink Caviar Leather Cage Harness // Jeffrey Campbell Jagger Leather Shoe

“Break out that Lolita peasant dress you’ve been holding onto and give it a punky-funky twist with a harness!
Kitschy hairstyle recommended.”

Styling (and hawt modeling): Keely Murphy
Photos: Michelle Mayer