Staff Picks: Joellen Lumibao, Social Media Associate

Our current must-haves, according to the boss babes of Nasty Gal HQ.

If you think you recognize Joellen Lumibao, it’s ’cause she’s the badass who graces just about all of our Insta-stories with her ethereal sparkle eye and head-to-toe perfection. Scroll down to check out the looks she’s crushing on these days.

“A leopard coat is my absolute go-to piece. Tip: when wearing a band tee and a dude mansplains you and asks what your fav. album is, give him the finger. ;)”



“I always have on at least one vintage item. The Gucci belt helped set apart this classic button-up and denim look (not to mention velvet boots with a cut-out heel).”



“Add a neck scarf to any outfit and it will look like you put more time into your outfit than you really did, swear it.”



“A pinstripe jumpsuit made from reworked vintage fabric. My pup, Toothless, approves.”



“All my outfits have some underlying common factors: comfortable, versatile, and experimental. For this look, I dressed up a denim skirt with a satin top and classic vintage Chanel bag. No brainer.”



Joellen got ya jelly? Shop her looks below.