Lessons From the Pros: Sparkling Heart Eyes

Get your V-day look on lock, starting with an eye trick that’ll have you all heart eyes.

V-day, v kewt. The eye experts at Iris + West popped by our downtown L.A. studio to show us how to achieve the ultimate in dreamy eyes…

Step 1: Apply concealer all over your lid to prime it and cover up any discoloration.

Step 2: Set the concealer with a translucent powder.

Step 3: Pat on a glitter liquid liner (I used a gold one with big flecks of glitter) to the outer 3/4 of your eye and the inside corner. Patting creates a more dense glitter look where swiping will create a more subtle look.

Step 4: Using a finer glitter in a light pink color, blend the glitter towards the middle of the lid with a soft brush or your finger; do the same on the inside corner of the eye.

Step 5: Using false eyelash glue and tweezers, apply heart gems (you can get them online) to the outer corner of the eye, the inside corner, and under the brow.

Step 6: Add mascara.

Step 7: Viola! Cutie patooti.

And if you need a little lash lovin’, go see the gals at Iris + West!

Model: Marri Savinar
Photos: Michelle Mayer