Get Some Game

We’re swiping these iconic looks from our fave lady sports stars so you don’t have to.

Serena Williams’ Bodysuits

One of the greatest athletes of our time has also changed the bodysuit game forever thanks to this immortal moment. Luckily, it’s easier to get on her level with a bodysuit than on a tennis court. Maybe top it off with a bomber jacket. Or even a moto. Then start perfecting that twerk.

Anna Kournikova’s Everything in the EscapeĀ Video

You can run you can hide but you can’t escape the early aughts pseudo boho fashions and turquoise jewelry all up on Enrique Iglesias. Luckily, there’s Anna Kournikova, with her Lara Croft boobs and low-rise jeans and that perfect blonde hair and tennis champ bod. We recommend channeling with this, and this, then this, and all of these. Then find a bathroom sink and a bohemian dude to make out with, but steal hisĀ cute flouncy shirt and vest for yourself.

Tonya Harding’s Iconic Sweatshirt

Our love of ice-skating anti-heros is as complicated as our love of everything 90s: sometimes being so bad can just be plain good. Harding’s notorious beef with fellow ice queen Nancy Kerrigan will soon be immortalized in that new Margot Robbie vehicle, but you can get that quotable tribute going with this, or this. Throw on some sequin hot pants, because figure skating outfits are always a thing.

Rhonda Rousey’s Bodycons

The only thing that Rousey slams harder than actual bodies (on the floor, because basically she is the UFC shit) is a bodycon dress. Ideally one with cut-outs, like this. Or this. Statement championship belt required.