LA Made Nasty: After Party in South Bay

Two friends, a killer collection, and one sketchy little gem of a place.

Our editorial stylist Liza and her bff Alissa bonded over being latchkey kids in a Los Angeles elementary school and have been obsessed with each other ever since. They’ve also been collabing for years–on everything from Destiny’s Child dance routines to about a million shoots together at Nasty Gal (Alissa was an OG NG model. ED NOTE: I legit know someone who brought Alissa’s eComm photos to her hairdresser to emulate those perfect bangs). We sent aspiring photographer Liza out to Alissa’s hometown of South Bay to make a little magic with our After Party Vintage collection. Here’s what they came back with.

“Liza is unique in too many ways to summarize, she’s a real fucking psycho! She’s my sis.

“The best thing about Alissa? She lives in the South Bay and fucks with it heavily.”

“This photo series displays a generally confused perception of reality, and it really doesn’t have too much rhyme or reason. we both like seedy zones, i.e. empty fields Iined with electric towers, anything with faded caution tape, sk8 life, thrift stores, and magic comedy clubs. All the locations in the photos are places we really hang out at and the story truly emulates a day in the life. The South Bay is a sketchy lil gem of a place!”

“I think we were sisters in a past life, it was a game recognize game type of sitch.”

“Our earliest bonding experiences include being latchkey kids, drinking hard liquor, and generally not understanding our place in the world at all whatsoever.”

Β “It is quite simply the goal in life to get to work with your best friend. Not to mention in an environment that elicits creativity.”

“We did choreograph a dance to Survivor by Destiny’s Child at our fifth grade talent show wearing matching camo outfits–sequin camo. We seductively crawled out onto the stage while the opening violins played. We choreographed a lot of routines throughout the years but this was the only one that made it under the hot lights.”

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Photos and styling by Liza Ovakimyan

Model: Alissa Geraghty

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