No Pants? No Prob: 4 Iconic Bodysuit Moments to Help You Remember Why

We take a look at the greats who have notably rocked ‘em like no other. Take note.

Catwoman kicking ass while lookin’ kick ass.

Catwoman is an ultimate bad-ass who won’t take shit from anyone, and we love her for that very reason. That and her kickass costume. Exude sultry, feline fatale vibes in a similar way by teaming a red lip and dark eyes with a slinky, black bodysuit and heels. Go for the full look and team with black vegan leather pants. Whip optional.

Beyoncé up in the club doin’ her own little thing.

We all know that Beyoncé is the Queen of Slay. The woman quite literally can do no wrong when it comes to style (and —let’s face it—life in general), so of course, we had to include her groundbreaking look from her video, Single Ladies.  All you need to recreate is: biiig hair, biiig earrings, biiig heels, lots of attitude and a bangin’ black bodysuit, and there you have it. Now put your hands up.

Smoldering ’90s Crawford

This 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl ad in which the forever gorgeous Cindy Crawford steps out of a red Lamborghini in a white bodysuit was a legendary moment which is still talked about today (check out James Cordon’s parody for lols). Make like Cindy and wear a basic bodysuit with tousled hair, hoops, and a pair of classic denim cut-offs.  A smoldering gaze wouldn’t hurt either.

Madonna in Gaultier

Madonna in the belted Jean Paul Gaultier bodysuit is EVERYTHING.  She wore it in 1990 during her Blond Ambition Tour, and it perfectly played to Madonna’s couldn’t-give-a-fuck, provocative attitude and is still considered major today — in 2016 it sold for roughly $42,000 in an auction in London. Unwavering confidence is a must to pull this baby off. A high pony and a red lip are also required.

You can never have enough bodysuits. Good thing we’ve got ‘em all.