5 Icons Who Ruled (and Still Rule) the Beauty Scene

*WARNING* Content may induce serious waves of nostalgia.

The word ‘iconic’ is thrown around a lot these days, for example, that cup of coffee I had was so iconic, or, OMG last night was sooo iconic. And yeah, there are many other words you could use instead to describe your coffee, such as, nice, enjoyable, tasty, rejuvenating etc. However, there are a group of ladies who have made the word ‘iconic’ an absolute essential when their names crop-up in conversation. From Annie Lennox’s trademark red crop to Grace Jones’ subversive bravado, these legends are fashion’s timeless muses for decades and counting. We’ve charted 5 classic icons and their signature, knock-it-out-of-the-park looks–looks that have created beauty crush phenomenons.

Winona Ryder Redefining Gamine

Throughout the 90s, Winona Ryder was the poster girl for the slacker generation — due in part for her roles in it-still-speaks-to-us films like Heathers and Reality Bites. Like, didn’t we all want to be adorable waifs just trynna figure our life shit out while pining after Ethan Hawke? Her signature gamine crop redefined femininity at the time — proving that in an era of the long, shiny supermodel hair toss, it’s always more standout to be a Veronica.

Grace Jones’ Statement Glam

Grace Jones was Queen of Extra before that was even a thing. Towering, powerful, sexy and androgynous at the same time, she played muse to Jean Paul Goude — whose artistic works which focused on Jones, sky- rocketed him to fame. Together, they created some of the most groundbreaking fashion and beauty images on the planet. And if that wasn’t enough, Jones also used her platform and look to help break down boundaries for women surrounding sexuality and gender stereotypes. GET. IT. SISTER.

Brigitte Bardot’s Sophisticated French Girl Thing

Brigitte Bardot’s effortless sexuality was stuff of legend — and defined what it meant to be truly French, glamorous and owning it. Her whole tousled bouffant and winged bang situation is still a thing, and you should probably thank her for popularizing the smoky eye, even on a St. Tropez beach. That fuck you dedication — and absolute confidence — is why she’s perpetually on moodboards everywhere.

Annie Lennox Doing What Ever the Fuck She Wants

Singer, philanthropist, political activist, and long-time supporter of LGBT rights, Annie Lennox is just a whole heap of bad-ass. At the pinnacle of her career, she sported neon orange hair, heavy, vivid make-up, and always teamed the combo with lots of leather and men’s tailoring. Lennox’s provocative and untamed self- expression helped pave the way for women to challenge the limitations of the fashion and identity, much like her friend David Bowie. Yep, her legacy certainly shines just as bright as her eye shadow.

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