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Nasty Gals Party Harder: Meet Simran

We tapped some of our fave London ladies for lessons on how to kill it this party season.

Nasty Gal Studio Audrey Maxi Dress. After Party Vintage skirt, coming soon.

In honor of our month-long London Pad Pop-Up–and the launch of our latest collection, Nasty Gal Studio–we got the party time 411 from some of London’s best and babeliest. First up, meet Simran Randhawa.

Age: 22

Self portrait using only emojis: ‍♀✨

Celebrity doppelgänger: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor (which is a massive compliment as she’s my faaaave)

Most awkward fashion moment: Pretty much all of my teens! I used to wear the weirdest color/pattern combinations and didn’t know what my style was AT ALL.

Feelings towards glitter: Bathe me in it (as long as it’s orange)

If you look through my bag at any given party, you would find: Lipstick, keys, debit card, blotting powder

Go-to party outfit? Because I’m THAT girl at the party dancing her ass off, I prefer to be comfy. I usually go for a tiny crop top and ripped jeans/camo trousers/shorts with trainers <3 (I still go HAM on my make up tho, don’t get it twisted)

Best hangover cure: I don’t get hangovers

The best nights always end with…. taking off your make up–major key!

Nasty Gal Studio Audrey Maxi Dress. After Party Vintage skirt, coming soon.

Finish this sentence: The first time I…. went to a house party I got too drunk on cheap vodka that my friends had to walk me home (luckily I lived 2 roads away)

What’s your poison: Rum + ginger beer

Pre-party or after party? Defo pre-drinks – me and my friends always used to meet up at someone’s house, played our fave songs LOUD and got so hyped for the club lol.

Hidden talent: I used to do spoken word!

Best advice I’ve ever gotten: Approach everything with good intentions and energy and everything else will fall into place

Best post-party food: Chips, easily

Go-to beauty look: bronzy/dewy base, winged liner and nude/brown lips

Most prized possession: My Indian jewelry–all the pieces are so beautiful and intricate

Who parties harder: LA or the UK? Be honest! London the energy here is unrivaled

Photos by Renee Carey

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