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A guide to shopping for the people you actually like.

Booze, food, friends, family, and sequins. What’s not to love about the holidays? Oh, right–the gift shopping. And the lines. And the last minute panic mode. So to save you from lazily reaching for the bath products at your local Walgreens, we’ve put together a way thoughtful gift guide. Because the ones you like and love deserve more than just a janky mall gift–and you definitely deserve to skip those mall lines. Thank us later.

Let the Count Down Begin

Know someone who prefers the run up? An advent calendar that will really have them feelin’ the holiday spirit. The Oh K! 12 Days Of Beauty Advent Calendar features twelve mini beauty treats such as false eyelashes (they’re not miniature, don’t worry), a nail file, eyeshadow, and lip balm, just to name a few (we don’t wanna spoil all the fun).

Oh Gee-Fizz!

Be the real MVP of any party over the holiday season with The Play Ball Set. It’s like beer pong, but classier. The game comes with prosecco saucers and pink pong balls, so all you need to do is bring your own bottle (or six) of your favorite fizz– prosec not included, sorry.

It’s Totally a Sign

Help your friends and family literally spell out their undying love and appreciation for you with The Light Up My Life Light Box.  With 85 letters and symbols you can spell out anything from ‘Pizza?’ to ‘Tequila!’ to “Darcey Rules.” Just sayin’.

Been a Bad Girl This Year?

I mean does this really need an explanation? Buy the You Spin Me Right Round Nipple Tassels for your partner (or for yourself) for absolute lols this Christmas.

Now You’ve Got the Initial Idea

Did anyone else go crazy for those name key rings when they were a kid or was that just me? For nostalgia’s sake, check out these mugs. Featuring a gorgeous art deco-style initial, it’s the dream gift for someone who wants to drink coffee at work while also reliving there childhood need for the personalization of erry’thang.

Mouth Off

For the friend who stands up and tells it like it is, there’s nothing like paying lip service. Literally. I’m personally obsessed with the MDM Flow Lipstick in Vamp or Supreme Red. Gives the perfect canvas for the perfect mouth off.

Going for Gold

Sometimes a girl needs a bit of excessive decadence, and the holidays are the perfect time for just that.  Enter the Oh K! Go for Gold Peel off Mask. It’s made in Korea and filled with the reviving elements of gold dust, plus there are two in every pack–perfect for sharing with your bestie over an equally indulgent holiday movie and Postmates marathon.

Sweet Dreams Babe

Dreaming of a post-feast food coma? Or maybe you’d just rather give the gift of beauty sleep to cure the inevitable holiday hangover. Either way, the ever-so-glam Never Give Up On Your Dreams Satin Sleep Mask  will help anybody drift fabulously off to the land of nod.

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