The Look: Erin Brockovich

Getting back to the business of “business casual.”

Did you have a nice holiday? If you’re like us, you spent a lot of quality time in soft clothes watching Black Mirror and generally avoiding the 400 emails that piled in your inbox because VACATION. Now that we’re back to the hustle, one very hard pant leg at a time, it’s good to reflect on a work wardrobe update. This week, we’re paying serious respects to Julia Roberts’ notoriously NSFW attire in Erin Brockovich–the film about a single mom legal assistant who almost single-handedly brings down an evil corporation–because sometimes the recipe for success is to be a complete badass without compromising who you are, or how you dress.

Scroll through for our top picks for getting some kind of business casual:

Stay Wild Leopard Print Shirt.
Gimme a Shine Ruffle Skirt.
Hold Me Down Backless Bra. 

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