House Of Style

Back in 1989, hair was higher than ever, hip hop was taking over the scene, and supermodels ruled the world. MTV hired Cindy Crawford to host “House of Style“…and the rest is history. We can’t even begin to explain our obsession with the raddest show that ever was, but it could have something to do with Salt-n-Pepa’s epic runway moment, Naomi applying zit cream, shopping with the Spice Girls, and hitting the gym with Gwen Stefani. Not to mention, the series offered insightful interviews with some of the most iconic musicians, models, and designers¬†ever. The show spanned the decade, giving us a backstage pass to fashion in all its forms and in case you haven’t heard, THEY’RE BRINGIN’ IT BACK! Until then, we’ve rounded up some of the best moments from their ’90s archives.

(MTV Style)