Meet Our Vintage Buyer, Liz!

It was so much fun talking to everyone during our first Chit Chat! We’re counting down the hours until our next live chat, this time with our Vintage Buyer, Liz! It will be this Thursday from 1-3 p.m. PST. While she’s gearing up to answer any and every question you may have about the best way to mix vintage into your outfits, shopping tips, and whatever you want to know about mining for vintage gold, we’ll first introduce her with five random facts:

1. I was once a competitive synchronized swimmer.
2. I own 22 pairs of black ankle boots. They all pretty much look the same.

3. I have a pretty sick obsession with Morrissey, so much so that I own original pressings of every Smiths album, 16 t-shirts, three original posters, and four or five live VHS tapes.
4. I’ve been buying and selling vintage clothing for almost ten years. You’d assume that I have an amazing and vast closet, but I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff over the years that I really wear almost the same thing every day!
5. I conceived, wrote and co-produced a live theatrical performance of the movie Clueless last year in San Francisco called, “As If! Like, A Performance, Duh!”