Meet Our Assistant Designer, Dee!

Our next Chit Chat LIVE! is coming up this Friday from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. PST with our Assistant Apparel Designer, Dee! A true OG Nasty Gal, she started out as one of our very first models and now spends her days designing the coolest clothes we can dream up. So while she’s getting ready to talk about how to style The Kink and what you’d love for us to make next, here are five random facts you should know about the girl behind the bubblegum.

1. I never drink water, because it has no flavor.
2. My dad wasn’t much for kiddie activities, so I grew up watching scary movies, being strummed to sleep by his old Martin guitar every night, and taking rides around San Francisco on his Harley. The result is that most, if not all, of my design inspiration comes from those same old cult classic films and music. Some of my very first illustrations were modeled after Easy Rider magazines he had hanging up in the garage.
3. My mom was born in a small country town in England called Biggleswade. Her mother and I share the same birthday, and she goes by Bee 😉
4. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study couture at a small school in Paris where YSL and Karl Lagerfeld were taught. I fell so in love with the people and the culture while I was there, but California is where my home and my heart are..for now <3
5. I always wanted the brightest, most reflective hair, so I started bleaching it when I was 13 and I haven’t stopped since.