Talk Style With Our VP of Design, Sarah!


We’d love nothing more than to hang out with our V.P. of Design, Sarah Wilkinson, all day, every day. Not only does she have the most amazing British accent, but she’s beyond brilliant when it comes to envisioning the fierce, groundbreaking style that Nasty Gals will be wearing in seasons to come. So where does she find style inspiration? What are some of her latest obsessions? What are the coolest London trends that have yet to hit L.A. (and vice versa)? Get all your burning questions answered when you chit chat with her LIVE! this Thursday from 1-2pm pst, right here on the blog! Until then, five fun facts about our favorite Brit:

1. I started out at art school in Leamington Spa as a fine artist and focused on sculpture and ceramics. I wanted to design tea pots, before I got into fashion. For two years, all I wore was dungarees and a bobble hat. No one knew what my hair looked like.

2. I couldn’t live without Yorkshire Gold Tea in a big mug and walking my dog Earnest in the countryside.

3. Music is a huge influence and inspiration when designing apparel for Nasty Gal – my teens were a big part of shaping my loves for 80s & 90s electro, indie and alternative styles.

4. I’ve never ever had a favourite colour, its combinations of colours and textures that make them shine.

5. When I have a new accessory or pair of shoes, I repeat them in outfits every day for a month at least. I become fascinated with all the different ways I can style one great piece.