Better Off Red

Our make-up maven Stacey Nishimoto dishes on one of her favorite party looks: the classic red lip. Read on for her tips!

Red is so red-hot right now, a special lip color for special nights. Everyone—and I do mean everyone—can wear it. The perfect red can be a magic wand to your complexion, illuminating while wiping out flaws and re-shaping your lips in to a beautiful, desired mouth. With this look, all you really need is delicate cheek color and a wash of smoke over the eye, maybe tap a little bit of gold dust on the center of the lid. Use your fingers to do it. Imperfect softness balances a perfect red mouth, so you won’t look like granny.

For the shy girls, with a lip brush, lavishly apply color in the center of the lips, creating an inner red ring. Then fan out color until it disappears into the lip line in airbrush strokes—use a clean brush or Q-tip to spread around color. It should look like inverted lip color. I love Heat Wave by Nars (a coral red) and YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #4 (a punch red).

For mouths that are funky shaped or small, apply a matte red—a good one is this matte velvet pencil from Nars called Red Square. Then in the center of the lips, apply a super shine red gloss on the very inside or on the bee sting. Using these two textures adds dimension and looks super SUPER flattering (it’s my favorite way to wear red). The best glossy center would be a stain so it won’t get on your teeth. I prefer YSL Glossy Stain in #9.