Anti-Prom Dos & Don’ts w/ Beauty Queen Lucy Bridge


You’ve all been officially invited to the Anti-Prom, and now that you have the coolest dress ever, it’s time to call in the big guns. Lucy Bridge, the London-based makeup guru that left us Glazed And Confused in the latest issue of SUPER NASTY, is here to save you from any beauty disasters with a few tips to ensure you’re giving great face on your big night. So get ready to rule the school with electric pops of color and enough glitter to make any wannabe prom queen jealous.


GLITTER-ARTI – Glitter is key for any girl going to prom this season, whether it be a subtle sparkle or the full shebang! Use glitter glue or eye gloss lightly on the lid and press the glitter on top with your finger. And it’s not for your eyes only; dust a little over your lips for the extra wow factor. This is quick and easy and you’ll be sure to stand out while you’re dancing the night away!

POP ART COLOURS – Colour, colour and more colour! A colour clash with your dress, or a colour that compliments. Make your eyes stand out with different hues – lighter in the corners and blend out to darker and brighter on the outer edges of your eye. Blend underneath to really define the eyes. Pigments, eye shadows and coloured cremes are the best products to achieve this look.


STATEMENT LIPS – A statement lip is the great way to polish off any outfit for the evening. Be careful though and don’t over do it. If you are focusing on a powerful lip, make the eye a bit more subtle. This doesn’t mean it has to be natural, but it should be more muted or pastel in tone. Lips can be high shine, velvet or matte – they just need to make heads turn.


NAIL ART TALONS – Either short and clean or long and pointy nails are the perfect accessory this season. Keep them fresh and neutral or go mental with nail art, gems and colour. Pick colours to compliment your dress and makeup. Neon nails are a personal favourite. Lime green, orange or pink!!!



BAD BROWS – Keep the brows realistic but defined. Don’t get pencil-happy and go too strong and dark. Follow your natural brow shape using a lighter shade toward the start of the brow and a darker on the ends to plump them out. Set with a clear mascara or gel (or hairspray on a mascara wand) and brush the hairs upwards to keep them in place all night.


TAN-O-RAMA – No one wants to be streaky and orange on their big night. If you are wanting the beach babe glow, tred with caution. You want nice highlighted skin, not a tan where you look like you have been dragged through the Oompa Loompa factory. Use a natural bronzer to sculpt the face and go out and get some vitamin D for a natural sun-kissed look.


FROSTY LIPS – It’s not the 80s anymore and frosty, pearlized lips are out. Keep lips cool and collected with bright, eye-popping hues. Pearl has moved on and now it’s about textures that make a statement.


FALSEY FAKE LASHES – Lashes are a must for any girl on their prom night but big overbearing, oversized lashes are not. Try individual lashes to add volume or corner lashes for a more modest look. Layer with lashings of mascara to create a really defined eye. Clumpy lashes are on trend this season too. You can even experiment with coloured mascaras for something a bit more fun!