Island Punk Eyeliner

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For Chanel’s 2014 Resort show in Singapore, makeup artist Peter Phillips created this two-toned black and turquoise cat-eye that, in our minds, evoked equal parts hell-raising pirate and tranquil turquoise seas. We thought it was the perfect punk-yet-still-pretty look for summer, so we got our own makeup artist, Stacey Nishimoto, to recreate it on Sophia. According to Stacey, the end goal is a clean top, and blended bottom—an architectural black line softened by a blue haze. Here are her steps!

1. Draw a cat-eye in the shape that best accentuates your eyes. Use a black liquid eyeliner with a satin finish, as this allows for a slight reflection of light and keeps the cat eye looking soft as opposed to a hard line. I like Givenchy Parad-Eyes Fluid Eyeliner in black. My favorite cat-eye for this is a thick one, and draw the line farther than you normally would, down past your tear duct and a tad toward your nose.

2. For the bottom, I blended Ziba Beauty’s Signature Lime Green and Sky Blue Color Contrast Pencils for the perfect teal, but you can use any creamy, light blue eye pencil. Line in and on the lower lash line, and trace up to the corners of the black eyeliner. Then take a cotton swab and sweep back and forth to blur the line and create a softness. Finish with mascara!