With Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter

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Lime Crime’s Zodiac Glitter is one of those multipurpose beauty products that reinforces our belief that a little sparkle makes everything better. Our makeup artist Stacey Nishimoto used it to create a couple of different eye makeup looks that are subtle enough to wear anywhere—and not just the Electric Daisy Carnival. “Now you can wear glitter to Trader Joe’s or Starbucks!” Stacey says. “A touch of sparkle on your lids can be as subtle as the bling on your French manicure. Think of glitter as the fragrance you put on before you leave the house—it’s the last finishing touch. All you need is a spritz or a dab.”


1. Do your favorite beautiful face, whether you’re a minimal angel or a drama queen.


2. When your makeup is complete, take your index finger and press the the tip of your finger firmly (as if you’re dialing for a pizza) into the glitter, then do a quick shake so excess can fly. Tilt your head back a bit and apply the glitter in pressing taps along your eye lid, or temples, or both! Skin-on-skin contact is the best way to apply glitter for an application that’s like a sheer wash, and you also have the most control this way.


3. For the minimal angel image I used our new Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter in pewter, silver and bronze tones. I tapped all three colors across the lid and they melted beautifully together into a sheer bath of sparkle. Then for the accent color, I dotted turquoise on the bottom lash line in the center. The minimal angel was just wearing a touch of foundation, baby pink blush, and a rosy lip balm. I prepped her eyes with lots of velvety mascara, and the glitter went on at the very end.


4. For this sultry green eyed kitty, I drew up a simple black smokey eye with a satiny black kohl, a touch of mascara, and then Lime Crime’s D’Lilac on her lips. At the end,  I tapped on the vibrant violet glitter on the entire lid and along the lower lash line right over the liner.
One last note: Treat your glitter like you do your diamond earrings. It’s the last thing you put on, but the first thing you take off.

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