Lip Foil x Esther Kim

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Are you mildly addicted to nail foil as of late? Well sista, you’re in luck, the fun doesn’t have to end at your hands thanks to our new super cool Lip Rock lip foil. Nasty Gal’s Makeup Artist In Chief, Stacey Nishimoto, shows us the ropes of the addictive lip accessory. Best of all, you can glam it up on the go. Stacey filled us in… “Just like instant noodles, you can look instantly hot. Now you can have true metallic lips in two minutes – SO MUCH FUN!”

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1. First make sure your lips are totally clean and dry, that means no lip balm, no moisture, and no donut crumbs. Then apply a generous layer of the Lip Rock adhesive to the lips. Wait two minutes and the milky adhesive will turn clear, and you totally need to wait the full few minutes or it won’t work. TRUST me.

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2. Then take the beautiful pink metallic lip foil and apply shiny side out SHINY SIDE OUT. I almost ripped the models lips off using the wrong side.

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3. All you have to do is press and rub firmly.

 photo 1-5TH-PHOTO.gif

4. Hold the corner of your mouth with one hand pull the lip sheet firmly and swiftly off the lips with other. The cool part is that you can totally touch up by repeating the process any missing gaps.

(All illustrations by the talented Esther Kim)