Dance-Proof Top Bun

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You bought the dress, decided between dates (or not) and now you just have to perfect your look. The most fool-proof and easy way to get this done, is the classic top bun. Daniel Rishoff, hairstylist to the stars, came to NGHQ to help us achieve the absolute perfect hairdo. Read below for the easiest ways to be the babe of the ball.

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1.  It’s not always necessary, but often it is helpful to start by curling the hair away from your face.  When the hair has bend in it, it makes it easier to form a nice round shape once you start creating your bun.

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2.  Once your hair is prepped, secure it into a high ponytail.  Use a big paddle brush to help you if necessary.

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3.  Take your ponytail and hold it up.  Spray some texture spray to give it grip and texture. Use your fingers to gently tease the ponytail.

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4.  Start twisting your ponytail while also sometimes teasing it until you’ve twisted it down into a round bun shape.  Fasten it with a few bobby pins.

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5.  Mess it up!  Use your hands to gently massage your temple area on both sides, this will make some fuzzies and flyways.  Once you’ve deconstructed the look to your liking, finish with a veil of hairspray.

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6.  Who needs a crown when you have a cat headband?!

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Last but not least, tips for a homecoming glow from our resident makeup guru, Stacey!

1. Start with a scrub, exfoliate, cleanse and lightly moisturize. Before your moisturizer dries, apply Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer. Apply evenly all over – this tint will be like a second skin.

2. Take your concealer and go over any areas that need correction, like a blemish or uneven skin tone. Complete the look with a dust of loose powder over your shiny areas.

3. Next, discreetly contour your cheek bones with Bahama Mama Bronzer. Lightly drag this color up and down in the hollows of your cheeks, blending softly.

4. Apply InStain Staining Powder Blush in Argyle in a circular motion right on the apple of your cheek. The blush and the bronzer go hand in hand, creating dimension and a super pretty glow.

5. For a smokey eye accented with a jewel tone eyeliner, start with a warm colored shadow (I love bronze or metallic taupe), blend color in the crease of the eye in a “windshield wiper” motion. Blend until the shadow disappears into your brow bone. Also swipe the color generously under the lash line. Second, use a matte black or charcoal and layer more specifically in the crease and ring color around entire eye, staying within the bronze base.

6. Lastly, choose your favorite bright colored eyeliner and really layer in that color in your inner lash line. Purple, teal, bright green, bright blue…all those colors work well with a neutral smokey eye. Don’t forget that mascara, carefully coating each lash using The Body Builder Mascara to knock boys and bitches all night cuz you the queen.

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