Cat-Eye Sunnies


We were beyond stoked to see Milwaukee fashion blogger Beth Musni sporting our current spectacle obsession, NG’s Jetson Shades. The self-proclaimed ‘reformed tomboy’ gives her basic tee-and-jean combo a serious edge with the futuristic cat-eye sunnies and bold pout, proving it’s all about the details (down to the partially tucked-in tee). Needless to say, we had to ask the aspiring fashion writer to divulge a bit more about her sartorial inspiration:

Describe your style: A mix of whimsical and sophisticated pieces with a dash of tomboy and rocker elements. I love refined vintage dresses, but also appreciate a good pair of shredded leggings.

What do you find most inspiring? Growing up in a conservative town, I had a tough time finding inspiration. Thank goodness for fashion magazines and the internet. I’m inspired most by images of people on fashion blogs, especially the ones that are both resourceful and creative. I look at editorial fashion as a fantasy with elements that can be used in my own life.

Favorite fashion decade: Without a doubt, the 80’s for its eccentricity, exaggerated shapes, and reckless use of color. Even though silhouettes could be a little explosive, there were still some important pieces, like bandage dresses, that remain classic figure-conscious shapes.

What are you most excited to wear this spring? Sundresses with wedges. I think this season encourages a lot of contrast, and since sundresses are so light and airy, the heaviness of wedges will compliment the shape of the garment beautifully.

One thing you couldn’t live without: The internet. It’s helped me connect with people thousands of miles away, and serves as this massive encyclopedia with endless amounts of information and images. Okay, I occasionally browse online clothing stores too, but that’s just market research, right?