Meet the Cult: Dominique Nghiem


The blogger behind Style2Bones, Dominque Nghiem’s style always stands out. She loves fluorescents, holograms and prints as out-of-this-world as she is. She’s almost always rocking a giant platform, even when she’s on a skateboard (though she has been known to make exceptions for safety).

Scan 6-1


Dominique’s wearing the Hard Crush Boot. It’s coming soon!

What’s the best part about blogging?

I love it when I meet people and they tell me that I inspire them to be who they want to be and wear whatever they want. I think that is the best thing about it. My style used to be a lot more grungy and punk, but now it’s really a mix of just whatever I want to wear. I used to wear heels almost every day, but now it’s a mix of flatforms and boots. I also almost always wear my leather jacket, even in burning hot weather.

When did you start skating?

I started to like and wear a lot of skateboard brands, and so people would ask me all the time ‘Can you even skate?’ because they can be super critical of people who wear those brands and don’t, so I picked it up in January. Now I can say yes! I skate around my neighborhood, around the beach, or I’ll drive up to Venice. I just picked it up in January.

So what shoes do you wear when you skate?

 I’ve tried to skate in heels—it is so hard! I can kind of skate in flatforms, which is a huge step toward skating in heels, but I’m not sure that’s the best decision.