Meet The Cult: Natalia Zofia


Natalia is like a nerd trapped in a model. Though she comes to life in front of a camera, she still claims it’s outside of her comfort zone. She prefers zines and anime, and her house is full of comic books. Her paintings and drawings mix all of these with girlie colors (like the purple in her hair) and fashion and pop culture references to create something totally awesome.

Natalia Zofia

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Have you always modeled?

I was originally an art student for painting and illustration. However, I got sucked into modeling and it became difficult to juggle both school and modeling and I thought I could try the modeling because it’s outside my comfort zone. I usually don’t like people taking pictures of me, so it’s a good experience. I actually love it because sometimes the things that you think are opposite of who you are, you end up really liking.

When did you get interested in art?

Ever since I was little. Before school I was always doodling and drawing since my parents are art directors, painters, graphic designers. My father works for Warner Brothers and I guess I was influenced by that. Otherwise, I love fashion and I like meeting new people. This whole industry gives you the opportunity to travel.

How would you describe your style?

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Definitely not California girl. I guess my style is an in-betweener. I love vintage shops, however I would like to indulge in things on Rodeo Drive or up on Melrose. I’m also a shoe junkie. I’m not the biggest shopping fan, but if something catches my eye, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. I always lean more toward eclectic.


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Natalia wears the Strut Cutout Chelsea Boot & Elemental Dress