Meet The Cult: Rachael Finley

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Meet a girl called Steak. She’s pretty funny for a girl—which means she’s hilarious, because we all know girls are way funnier than guys, right? Rachael is an iguana mother, a cacti farmer, a rap music listener, a wine drinker and a Nasty Gal blog contributor. In short, she is everything awesome, and she also has good taste in cars.

Rachael Finley

How did you get the nickname steak?

When I was a poor college kid, I was kind of stubborn in the fact that I wouldn’t accept handouts from my family and then they found a way around it by sending me actual food. They were worried that I wasn’t eating, so instead of sending me money they would send me huge boxes of Omaha steaks, which is really ideal if you get it from one family member, but I got it from three. So I wanted to make the best of it so I would just eat steaks and never buy groceries ever. I think I survived solely on red meat for a year and a half.

What’s the weirdest question that you’ve received on your blog?

I get some weird stuff, but I remember this one girl was submitting all this hate mail but I couldn’t tell who it was from because it was anonymous and then one day I got a message that was like “hi, I’ve been sending you anonymous hate for a month and I just want to tell you I’m really sorry I just picked you to hate in the world.” And that was the first time I realized that the internet is a really scary place. And the stuff she would say to me was pretty wrong. Like she would say “your cheeks are fat” or “why would you wear this outfit” or “everybody hates you” and I never would respond, but sometimes I would post them. So that was my first crazy one.

When did your T-shirt line, Bored Teenager, start?

My dude is on eBay all day looking at these weird shirts. And he had all these cool drawings all over his notepad, so I was like let’s just put this on a shirt. It came from him wanting shirts that didn’t exist and then me having a lot of free time and knowing the industry. I have a lot of friends in street wear. They told me all about how to do it. We launched in March and it’s doing so well. We found this demographic of kids who get our very weird comic book references. There’s always some weird nerd reference somewhere on there. We found this pocket of kids who apparently had no shirts before and now they’re just buying all of our stuff.