5 Ways To Pull Off Socks This Spring


(Mr. Newton, Alexander Wang SS10, Nasty Gal, Gaspard Yurkievich SS10, Stylorectic)

We here at Nasty Gal have long been fans of the sock in all its forms — knee highs, over-the-knee, thigh-highs — so watching them pop up en masse on the runway and streets has been particularly exciting. Better still is the fact that people have been layering them in a multitude of new ways that hadn’t occurred to even the biggest hosiery aficionados! And not only do they look totally fresh paired with dresses and shorts alike, they also do a pretty good job of keeping your gams toasty during the awkward transitional months.

Despite how wrong it may feel stepping out onto the streets for the first time wearing what was once condemned in the fashion world, ahem, socks with open-toe shoes — we assure you this adorable accessory trend will be sticking around for the long term, so just have fun with it!

Without further ado, our fave five ways to accessorize with socks:

1. Add a jolt of color to your neutral wardrobe staples with bold patterned socks

2. Pair knee-high athletic socks with a cropped tee and shorts for a perfectly sportly ensemble

3. Scrunched knee-highs with platform heels give feminine frocks a downtown edge

4. Take your look to the next level by layering monochromatic socks of different lengths

5. Not into wearing double socks? Experiment with layering patterned tights with thigh-highs instead!