Apps Around The Office

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Even before there was a Nasty Gal app (!!!!), we were majorly addicted to our iPhones because there seems to be an app for everything. We polled our friends around the office to find out what apps are keeping them entertained when they’re tapping away.

SkyView– Alex, Production Coordinator

Leave it to Alex to have one of the coolest apps we’ve ever seen. Just last weekend, she was in the desert trying to find aliens, so SkyView seems like her perfect companion.

Girls Camera– Ann, Design Coordinator

If you’re ever looking to embellish a boring picture with cute, totally girly ephemera, look no further. This app takes your pictures and lets you transform them with stickers, doodles and stamps!

Taxi Magic– Melanie, Designer

Taxi Magic is one of those practical apps that makes your life a whole lot easier. It lets you order a taxi and then alerts you when it arrives!

More Beaute– Zarna, Copywriter

More Beaute is the go-to app for any photo in need of a quick touch up before it gets posted on the ‘Gram.

Flipboard– Eleanor, Controller

Flipboard is the newest way to take in all the news you care about and filter out the things that don’t interest you.

Vivino Wine Scanner– Francis, Office Manager

Vivino is your all-in-one wine coach. It’ll keep track of the labels you’ve bought before, and make recommendations for wine pairings with specific meals.

Lumosity– Makini, Data Analytics Manager

This app keeps your brain in check through fun exercises that improve memory and brain performance. Who knows, maybe you can start acing quizzes without even cracking a book?

Astrology Zone– Stacey, Stylist

Susan Miller is Astrology’s it-girl, so her app is a must for anyone interested in the cosmos.

TaskRabbit– McKenna, Sr. UX Designer

Have you ever hated doing something so much that you’ve considered paying someone else to do it? Welcome to TaskRabbit! You’re gonna like the way this things works.

Letterpress– Linda, Studio Production Assistant

This is the kind of word game app that will leave you staying home on Saturday nights when you should probably be, you know, interacting with people.

NiteLite Guides Las Vegas – Nicki, Junior Fashion Copywriter

Here’s an insider’s guide to Las Vegas so you can find out about the things that you really care about–like the world’s largest pinball arcade, and you know, REAL food!

Songza– Jaclyn, Social Media Manager

Songza plays music based off your mood! It’s Pandora for the emotionally versatile.

iAura-Kate, Editorial Director

iAura is like a mood ring for your entire body.

Hotel Tonight– Henny, Sr. Manager UX Design

Even though games and photo editing apps are super fun, sometimes it’s good to download apps that are more, umm, useful. Hotel Tonight lets you book last-minute rooms at pretty amazing deals.

Postagram– Shelby, Brand Marketing Intern

This is quite possibly the coolest app ever. Say you have an Instagram photo that you love. Send it to Postagram and they’ll make it into a postcard and then mail it for you. So cool!

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(Illustration by Whitney Mendelsohn)