Nazanin Mandi


Sure, Nazanin Mandi is a quadruple threat with her 17 years of singing, dancing, acting and modeling experience, but really, she’s just a dang fun person to hang out with. The L.A.-based babe (and girlfriend of Miguel!) took a break from recording her debut indie pop EP to talk about her upcoming music festival plans (which includes a photo diary she’s doing just for us, NBD), essential festival tips, and the key to a perfect selfie.

What are most excited about for this year’s music festivals?

I’m excited for it all. I’ve been to Coachella quite a few times and each time it’s like a brand new experience. I’m excited to see Lana Del Rey, Outkast and go the parties. You never know what’s going to go down at these parties. It’s very unexpected, but it’s fun. You just go with the flow and have the best time you can. We’re renting a house out there, so we’ll have our own parties. It should be very entertaining. [laughs] The party ends whenever. Maybe it never ends!

Can you share some festival tips with us since you are such a pro?

Wear minimal makeup. Walk around with rose water, just some type of spray, to refresh yourself. Try not to wear heels—you will look foolish walking around in dirt. I like to wear boots, like ankle boots, because I don’t like my feet to get dirty. I like to feel as refreshed as possible since it’s so hot out there. Definitely wear the least amount of clothing—in the classiest way possible, of course. It is scorching hot. It is so hot you just gotta be prepared for the heat. Drink lots of water, and lots of alcohol. You gotta balance it. Don’t OD. ODing is not cool, kids.

What can we look forward to seeing in your diary?

Well, I am a selfie queen, so you will be seeing lots of Coachella selfies in Nasty Gal outfits. A lot of pictures with my friends—Art Gang—and my love having a great time. Hopefully nothing too crazy will be posted. I can’t promise anything, but I will be wearing Nasty Gal if anything goes down.

Selfie tips, please!

The number one selfie tip: it’s all about lighting. You could have no makeup on—you could look a mess—but if the lighting is right and it’s the right filter, you will have a bomb selfie. You need really great natural lighting. Take your selfies between noon and 5 PM. I swear it works. And for selfies, I like a brighter filters, so I would pick Valencia. I like black and white, as well. It’ll always look dope and classic. For angles, think it’s always great to shoot from the side—especially if you have a great profile. Hold the camera in the front, and turn your face to the side. It’s always a good bet—or a hair in one eye. It’s sexy. [laughs]

Do you ever force Miguel to take photos of you?

All the time, but Miguel makes me take photos of him so it’s give and take. [laughs]

Have you two gone to festivals together before?

Oh, yeah! Every time I’ve been to Coachella, it’s been with Miguel. It’s just something we look forward to every time we’re together.

Do you two have any Coachella traditions?

We always have sex. [laughs] I’m being honest, OK? There’s always a hot tub moment—plenty of selfies in a hot tub. I can’t promise that they’re appropriate, but there are definitely selfies. We take Polaroids every time we go, so that’s fun too. We don’t eat a lot, but we have vodka gummy bears. You get a bag of gummy bears, and you pour an entire bottle of vodka on top of them, and you marinate them for 5 days. They get pretty big. They get you so faded. I could have two and be done.

Dang! You are a true festival pro. Any last words of advice before our Nasty Gals head off to Coachella?

Be safe, kids. Say no to excessive drugs and have a very good time.