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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 Model In The Morning: Meet Cora!


We were beyond stoked when Cora Keegan came to hang with us this week, and it turns out she’s even cooler than we thought. Equal parts love child and rock muse, the Vegas-born bombshell with killer brows requested an Azealia Banks playlist in between striking poses. She took a break from the madness to chat about everything from Led Zeppelin to her secret love of vampire novels.



I’m originally from:

Las Vegas

Where I live now:


My style is most inspired by…

The 60s and the 90s – I’m usually super chill, mostly in jeans and sweaters

I’ve always wanted to…

Go to space

I would never…

Say never!

If I could have any magical power, it would be…

Morphing into anything I want

The first concert I went to…

Backstreet Boys

The band I could listen to on repeat forever…

Led Zeppelin

My most treasured possession…

My crystals and tarot cards

The most random thing in my bag right now…

Checking now… Okay, a crystal and an Anne Rice vampire book

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