Morbid Mary

While I was browsing Chictopia, I came across an interview with a trend forecaster (and one of my favorite Chictopians cocorosa) that predicted a resurgence in morbid, gothic jewelry – H.R.Giger style. Of course we’ve all noticed chains, medieval crosses, rosaries, spikes and studs, but she’s talking one step further. A little research revealed Giger is a surreal painter, sculptor, set/furniture designer and all around artistic jack of all trades. Friends with David Lynch and Salvador Dalí at once, he has inspired cyberpunks, tattooists, fetishists, other artists and movie directors. Not to get all weird on you, but I think his aesthetic and jewelry are pretty interesting and unique.





Another one of my favorite jewelry designers is Delfina Delettrez who makes equally delightful jewelry. Her beautiful pieces vary from colorful animals to morbid skulls. That last piece would set anyone back almost 20 grand (seriously…) so for now I’ll just be content to obsess over it through cyberspace.





Some might see this as just plain creepy but I’m kinda liking the aesthetic. I think you just have to sport it with a sense of humor. What do you guys think? Too weird or pretty rad?


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