Stacey Nishimoto + Eliot Lee Hazel

There’s nothing better than two creative minds joining forces to produce amazing things together. That’s why we’re so excited to share this collaboration from our stylist extraordinaire, Stacey Nishimoto and L.A based photographer, Eliot Lee Hazel. This dream team shares a mutual admiration for the likes of Guy Bourdin, David Hamilton and Deborah Turbeville, and more importantly, give each other the freedom to fulfill their own creative needs. The results are beautiful images that sometimes tell personal stories or simply invite you to dream a little dream. We asked Stacey to give us a glimpse into her thoughts and inspiration behind each editorial.

“This story was actually inspired by my sister and I in our early teens. We had to go to church every Sunday, so we would make the best of it and totally overdress since we were obsessed with fashion. Looking back at my family photos that captured these moments, I had to think of the awkward teen stage that young girls go through, mentally and physically. To me, that is when girls are the most beautiful, and ironically, the coolest. I decided to cast two girls that look just a few years apart and dressed them in bright colors and prints reminiscing my own youth, as if they actually dressed themselves. I asked Eliot to do a portraiture-style shooting as if these girls were posing for their dad just like we had to do!”

“This story was inspired by early ’70s style photography – black and white images blown out with a lot of grain. I wanted a dream of elegance in a young creature mixed with a magical gypsy attitude. Voila!”

“Again, I was inspired by black and white fashion photography from the ’70s (oh oh, I see a pattern). It was all about long elegant capes, romantic blouses and chic high-waisted trousers combined with a modern twist.”

“This story was inspired by an old clip I found on YouTube. A commercial of an insane car ride – a very surreal, ridiculous scene that I wanted to translate into a beautiful and delicate editorial.”